Updates und Technical Debt

Well, here is the thing: It is 2017. Every system is somehow exposed to the Internet. Often that happens indirectly or unintentionally, but it always happens. There is no such thing as an isolated network any more, ever, anywhere.

Maybe you think there is, but that only means that you haven’t found the connection, yet. But everything, even those embedded systems, especially these embedded systems, need to somehow report stuff, be monitored, or otherwise connect to other systems to be useful.

System integration has become so tight that you simply cannot afford to have an isolated system. If you had one, you would be losing business opportunities that are more valuable than the cost of managing network security.

Ein sehr lesenswerter Artikel von Kris Köhntopp

Aus seinem Blogartikel: http://blog.koehntopp.info/index.php/1726-handling-wannacrypt-a-few-words-about-technical-debt/


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